Healthcare today is ||.
We’re on a mission to fix it.

The US healthcare system doesn't work like it should. Oscar is working hard to make your healthcare work for you. We're more than an insurance company - we're your starting point for better care.

Simple plans

Our Simple plans have lower premiums and affordable copays for everyday care like doctors visits, urgent care, labs, and generic drugs 1. Preventive care is free, so your annual physical, birth control 2, and flu shot are on us. And if you ever get seriously sick or injured, the max is there to protect your wallet from big medical bills.

See our Simple plans.
Birth control is free if it’s in our formulary as tier 0. Make sure yours is on the list.

Our NY Simple Silver Plan includes 3

Yep, this is a real plan! But actual copays vary by state. Get a quote to see plans available in your area.
  • Free generic drugs
  • Free annual physical
  • $10 Primary Care Physician
  • $50 Dermatologist
  • $50 Therapist visits
  • $100 Urgent Care

Quality partners

Your Oscar plan includes a curated network of doctors, hospitals, and labs. We’re proud to work with forward-thinking professionals who use modern technology. Best of all, you never need a referral.

When you need a doctor, open the app or log in to to find a doctor near you and book an appointment. Or ask us to help you find a specialist.


Track your steps using the Oscar app and Apple’s Healthkit or Google Fit. We’ll pay you $1 when you hit your daily step goal. Cash out for an Amazon gift card and spend it however you want – you've earned it.

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That’s just the beginning.

Oscar members get expert guidance and free access to doctors & nurses.


Here are 6 things your concierge team does for you everyday — they do more than you'd expect from a typical insurance company.

  • Answer the phone

    As a member, you’ll get a dedicated team of three care guides and a registered nurse who will answer whenever you call Oscar. 
With the same team members on your side, you can pick up each conversation right where you left off — each time you call.

  • Call you (back)

    Sometimes we need to investigate a situation, but we’ll call you back as soon as we have answers for you. And (it’s true!) sometimes we just call to see how you’re doing.

  • Explain stuff

    We know insurance is confusing, so we’ve already taken the confusing mumbo-jumbo out of our bills and statements. If you need help, we promise we’ll explain it.

  • Help save you money

    Call us before you get care and we’ll help you understand your options and how much they’ll cost. We can help you avoid getting stuck with a big medical bill.

  • Help you prepare for a visit

    We ask the right questions, to get you ready. We’ve got answers too, so you have everything you need. Just ask your concierge what you should tell your doctor to make sure they get the right background info to inform better care.

  • Coordinate your care

    Your Nurse Concierge is available to help. Whether you’re getting out of the hospital, managing multiple doctors, or just need help after a recent diagnosis, your Nurse Concierge is there for you.

Talk 24/7

With the Oscar app, our board-certified doctors can give you advice and send prescriptions to a nearby pharmacy. It’s great for things like allergies, pink eye, ear infections, UTI’s, and more.

You can call a doctor or send them a message. You can even snap a photo, to help explain your problem.

The future of care

Talking to a doctor on the phone is changing the way we experience healthcare. It saves, time, money, and hospital visits while helping you get better faster.

  • 25,826 Dollars

    The average family of four spends $25,826 per year on healthcare 4. Oscar members can save by talking to a doctor on the phone to treat common ailments instead of going to the doctor’s office.

  • 18.5 Days

    Plus, it’s a major time-saver. Why wait weeks 5 for an appointment and shlep to the doctor in person if you don’t have to? Feel better faster when you talk to a doctor on the phone for free.

  • 89 Percent

    Healthcare leaders expect telemedicine to transform U.S. healthcare in the coming decade 6. Today, you can get diagnosed by a doctor with the Oscar app. In the future your doctor will be able to do even more for you.

Milliman Medical Index could be less if some of those doctor visits were free.
In a 2014 survey of 15 physician practices in 15 metropolitan areas across the U.S., the average wait time for a new patient to see a physician was 18.5 days. [source]
89% of healthcare leaders expect telehealth to transform U.S. healthcare in the coming decade. [source]